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What are Pre-Construction Services?

Preconstruction services encompass all of the preliminary planning and engineering tasks that take place before construction begins to lay the groundwork for a successful project and satisfied client.

Remember, every building project starts as a vision. The end goal of the Preconstruction Phase is to transform that vision into a viable project. The work completed during this phase will provide answers to the following questions:

What is the vision?

To make any complex project reality, it is vital that everyone working on it thoroughly understands the overall vision. The work performed during Preconstruction clearly defines the project’s scope, schedule and cost, allowing you to be certain that everyone is on the same page.

Is it feasible?

While great ideas are interesting to contemplate, not all of them are viable enough to survive closer inspection. The Preconstruction process examines the possibilities and provides the information necessary to determine the feasibility of your project.

How we manage cost?

Preconstruction estimating helps you make sure that your plans and your budget are in sync and provides opportunities to make any necessary adjustments before a single shovel hits the dirt. Fixes tend to be significantly less expensive when a project is still in the planning stages. Preconstruction is also the perfect time to identify value engineering opportunities that lead to significant cost savings during construction.

How we manage risk?

Preconstruction activities will smooth the project’s path by identifying and resolving issues before they become problems. The preconstruction phase is the perfect time to address a broad range of concerns, including:

  • Constructability reviews
  • Permitting requirements
  • Site requirements and site selection
  • Utility and soil evaluations
  • Building material analysis and equipment selection
  • Scheduling obstacles

Activities to be performed

The length of the preconstruction phase, and the activities to be performed, will vary by project, based on the client’s specific needs, and the project’s characteristics, size and complexity. These activities can include some or all of the following:

  • Establish acceptable budget and overall project schedule
  • Determine site conditions, constraints and phasing requirements
  • Develop a preliminary project schedule
  • Solicit, obtain and evaluate subcontractor, engineering and vendor budget estimates
  • Identify and evaluate cost issues and potential cost-saving alternatives
  • Evaluate LEED requirements
  • Advise on selection of building systems, materials and equipment
  • Identify and obtain necessary permits
  • Establish cost control system

Keep in mind that few of the above activities can be avoided. Sooner or later, the questions must be answered and the issues resolved. Performing these activities before construction begins leads to smoothly running project in which issues are dealt with proactively rather than haphazardly, surprises are kept to a minimum, and there is a much greater likelihood that all the client’s needs are met, on schedule and on budget.

We hope we’ve outlined a few of the benefits of Preconstruction Services as you begin to look for a contractor to build your commercial building. Contact us today to learn more about our preconstruction services or request a quote.

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